Monday, January 16, 2012


"Clenched Fist" by Niao CD-R

Warm analog synth electronics, 6 long songs crafted to be realized and performed with three other people: Ben Lorber, Gordon Spencer-Blaetz, and Austin Julian. Pentatonic blues runs on the keyboard, hypnotic rhythms and melodies accompanied by toms, tabla, cymbals and tambourine (the only percussion). Religious and ritual-like vocals of the night that serve a prominent role throughout the album. No words, only drones and simple syllables like EY AH OO WAH. Dream loops that linger like a forgotten foundation.

Praise for Niao’s 2009 Clenched Fist

“The trio does indeed deliver the goods – sparse arrangements, thick tribal dissonance, and a sinister vibe. These are campfire songs for the possibly possessed. Great stuff.”
- The Decibel Tolls, August 2009

“…..don’t take that ‘animal’ part lightly - despite its continuous vocal presence, the non-verbal, vowel heavy coos are those of a majestic, primal and pre-human beastliness. I could go as far as to say ‘tribal’, but I think that only gets you halfway there…All together it is an interesting, weird little album that definitely has me excited about the prospect of more Niao goodness in the future.” – Forest Gospel, October 2009

All songs written by George Glikerdas. Released in 2009. Edition of 100. $7 plus shipping for CD-R or digital download for $5 at



"Etchings" by Ben Lorber CD-R

Track 6 "From Afar"

Ben Lorber is an amazing friend, musician, philosopher with the free spirit of a child in a bearded man's body. Lorber wrote "Etchings" in the summer of 2009 in the New York Hudson Valley. Over an hour long, what could be conceived as a double album, these 16 tracks take you on a journey through Lorber's world, interestingly mixing rhythmic blues guitar folk melodies with synthesized sounds. CD sleeve art by Ben Lorber. Released in 2009. Edition of 100. $7 plus shipping.


1 Somebody
2 All That We Are
3 Smile
4 Almost...
5 Aaaahh
6 From Afar
7 Nothing
8 Knowing
9 Try It Again
10 Bzzzz
11 Peggy-O
12 Shhhh
13 Ooooom
14 Anger falls
15 It's Really All Me
16 Brother Of Light


Huaraches s/t CD-R

Track 7

Chants, vocal drones, no words, freedom, light, evolution, sometimes spatial, open, diffuse, other times rhythmically unified, interlocked, circular. One being the other's opposite. Syncopation, spontaneous. Hand drums, shakers, clinging glass bottles and cans. Tambourines, improvisation. This album is all about love and friendship, listening with an acute awareness, feeding off of the surroundings. No pretension, simple and subtle, yet all the more powerful and transcendent. Instrumentation centered around guitars and percussion. All free, spiritual and healing for the mind. Huaraches is Roberto Meza, George Glikerdas, and Gordon Spencer-Blaetz. Recorded fall/winter 2007. Cover drawing by Roberto Meza. Comes with a poem by Gordon on the experience. Spray-painted gold cd-rs. Edition of 100. $7 plus shipping. contact:


"Summer Showers" by Niao C46 (One-sided)

Total of 23 minutes, this tape has two long improvisations that rise and fall gradually, from one extreme to the other. Oscillating organ drones, infinite drum taps, mics thrown around, banging on metal garbage cans. Finger-picked electric guitar of freedom and nihilism but aware, driven, and composed at the same time. Music and photos by George Glikerdas. Yellow tapes. Released in 2008. $5 plus shipping. contact:

Sunday, January 15, 2012


"Lyin' In My Bed" by Deep River

Track 5 "Two Tall Trees"

This album was recorded between february 2007 and january 2008. It is my first album that is pretty focused on words. Most of the songs are sort of "simple" I guess but it had to be intuitive. Solo four-track, all acoustic guitar with turkish percussion and flutes on the two instrumental songs. Some intense chanting. Scraps of metal. All songs written and recorded by George Glikerdas. Cover photo by Sydney Shen.

Edition of 100 CD-R's. Released in 2008. $7 plus shipping.

1 Gills
2 Geese
3 Hiss and Hiss Silence
4 untitled pt. 1
5 Two Tall Trees
6 Gold
7 My Bed
8 untitled pt. 2
9 Feeling Warm


Sailing Records Interviews Jon Solomon

This in-depth interview features Jon Solomon, a thirty year dee-jay and record label entrepeneur of My Pal God Records and Comedy Minus One. This traces back Solomon's story with how he got involved with radio, recording live bands, releasing music, his epic, annual, 24-hour Christmas/Holiday show, and what the future of college radio holds. Released in 2007, about 30 pages. Photos by Sydney Shen. Edition of 30. $10 plus shipping. contact:

Solomon's personal website:
and his label: