Thursday, September 29, 2011


Track 3 "The Faeries Song"

Lunien - Songs of the Body, Truths of the Earth

Four track recordings of lo-fi solo acoustic folk guitar with hushed lyrics. All songs by Yuri Gohen. CD-R comes with a mini booklet of drawings and lyrics. Released in 2007. Edition of 100. $7 plus shipping. contact:

From the booklet:
"Sometimes life and art alike can be all anticlimax. How many works of art never reach the potential that inspiration imparted to the artist at their beginnings, as in a vision? And in our lives it seems similar, when things that seem to drive at something divine fall flat, or cease to grow towards it, leaving us just as we were, or perhaps only slightly altered. Only art that is brought to completion entirely during an artist's moods of poetic revelry, with all the senses and the spirit in tune, quiet and childlike, can reach the inspiration that bore it. And in idea at least, if each of us can further our lives in this same mood, then can we shake off these anti-climaxes and fuck-ups in moving toward ourselves?"

1 Lullaby (And Good Night) / To Live Outside
2 The Night Fell On Us (The World Turned and Laughed)
3 The Faeries Song
4 Endless Beauty (Bonus Track)
5 What Did He Do?
6 O War Machine O War Machine
7 Do You Know The Way Home?
8 Seasons Dreaming
9 Sing All Ye
10 Fingertips
11 Morning Has Broken (Good Morning)

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