Tuesday, December 2, 2014


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"Prayer" by Niao - LP, CD, digital download

Niao consists of vocalist, sampler, and synth composer George Glikerdas and percussionist Gordon Spencer Blaetz based in NJ and MA. Glikerdas holds a B.A. in music composition and performance from Bard College, NY. Niao's 2009 debut album titled Clenched Fist garnered substantial media attention for its simple yet powerful technique using minimalist, poly-rhythmic sensibilities while simultaneously producing uniquely "possessive, meditative, spiritual" elements.

Prayer features material that is equally powerful, yet more condensed than Clenched Fist. With Prayer, Glikerdas and Spencer-Blaetz created a tighter, more upbeat, groovier and trance-inducing sound than on Clenched Fist, while also maintaining its more meditative moments. Influenced by spiritual music traditions around the world, the sounds produced within Prayer are a transnational fusion and experimentation creating a sound that is refreshing, re-imagining traditional notions of sense of place and identity formation. Throughout Prayer the songs are based around a repetitive sample, sound or rhythm, within which the melodies are written. The minimalist quality is inherent to the meditative element that each song produces.

All songs by George Glikerdas. LP w/ digital download coupon $10 plus shipping. CD $7 plus shipping. $4 Digital download at niao.bandcamp.com

contact: sailingrecs@gmail.com

1 Unknown Visitor
2 Sway
3 Aman Aman
4 Catharsis
5 Computer Keyboard Oil
6 Prayer
7 Devotional Dance

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