Monday, January 16, 2012


"Clenched Fist" by Niao CD-R

Warm analog synth electronics, 6 long songs crafted to be realized and performed with three other people: Ben Lorber, Gordon Spencer-Blaetz, and Austin Julian. Pentatonic blues runs on the keyboard, hypnotic rhythms and melodies accompanied by toms, tabla, cymbals and tambourine (the only percussion). Religious and ritual-like vocals of the night that serve a prominent role throughout the album. No words, only drones and simple syllables like EY AH OO WAH. Dream loops that linger like a forgotten foundation.

Praise for Niao’s 2009 Clenched Fist

“The trio does indeed deliver the goods – sparse arrangements, thick tribal dissonance, and a sinister vibe. These are campfire songs for the possibly possessed. Great stuff.”
- The Decibel Tolls, August 2009

“…..don’t take that ‘animal’ part lightly - despite its continuous vocal presence, the non-verbal, vowel heavy coos are those of a majestic, primal and pre-human beastliness. I could go as far as to say ‘tribal’, but I think that only gets you halfway there…All together it is an interesting, weird little album that definitely has me excited about the prospect of more Niao goodness in the future.” – Forest Gospel, October 2009

All songs written by George Glikerdas. Released in 2009. Edition of 100. $7 plus shipping for CD-R or digital download for $5 at


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