Monday, January 16, 2012


"Etchings" by Ben Lorber CD-R

Track 6 "From Afar"

Ben Lorber is an amazing friend, musician, philosopher with the free spirit of a child in a bearded man's body. Lorber wrote "Etchings" in the summer of 2009 in the New York Hudson Valley. Over an hour long, what could be conceived as a double album, these 16 tracks take you on a journey through Lorber's world, interestingly mixing rhythmic blues guitar folk melodies with synthesized sounds. CD sleeve art by Ben Lorber. Released in 2009. Edition of 100. $7 plus shipping.


1 Somebody
2 All That We Are
3 Smile
4 Almost...
5 Aaaahh
6 From Afar
7 Nothing
8 Knowing
9 Try It Again
10 Bzzzz
11 Peggy-O
12 Shhhh
13 Ooooom
14 Anger falls
15 It's Really All Me
16 Brother Of Light

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