Sunday, January 15, 2012


"Lyin' In My Bed" by Deep River

Track 5 "Two Tall Trees"

This album was recorded between february 2007 and january 2008. It is my first album that is pretty focused on words. Most of the songs are sort of "simple" I guess but it had to be intuitive. Solo four-track, all acoustic guitar with turkish percussion and flutes on the two instrumental songs. Some intense chanting. Scraps of metal. All songs written and recorded by George Glikerdas. Cover photo by Sydney Shen.

Edition of 100 CD-R's. Released in 2008. $7 plus shipping.

1 Gills
2 Geese
3 Hiss and Hiss Silence
4 untitled pt. 1
5 Two Tall Trees
6 Gold
7 My Bed
8 untitled pt. 2
9 Feeling Warm

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